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Jammy Jams is a fun, modern twist on lullabies for parents who strive to create memories with their little ones while teaching them a thing or two about their own style. Lullaby versions of your favorite Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop and More! Jammy Jams features lullaby renditions of songs originally by everyone from Jay-Z to Stryper, Eminem to The Fray, Lady Gaga to The Beastie Boys! Check out our newest lullaby CDs below.

Jammy Jams Latest Releases

HIP-HOP: Once Upon A Rhyme POP: Pop Goes Lullaby ROCK: Hair Metal Goes Lullaby

Lullaby Renditions of
Hip-Hop Classics

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On "Once Upon A Rhyme: Lullaby Renditions Of Hip-Hop Classics," Jammy Jams explores the melodies of old school hip-hop songs and brings them to life with calming renditions for parents to enjoy along with their babies. The parent can take a stroll down memory lane while creating brand new memories for baby. This album soothes the inner and outer soul. You will be amazed as you listen to soothing lullabies featuring the melodies of acclaimed old school hip-hop songs such as Run-D.M.C.'s "Rock Box" and Coolio's "Gangstas's Paradise". The soothing sounds are what Jammy Jams is all about. Experience these popular tunes in a whole new way with baby today.


Lullaby Renditions of Pop Hits

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Do you want your baby to be the coolest kid in the nursery? Introduce your baby to today's pop stars before your little bundle of joy can even talk or blow kisses. With "Pop Goes Lullaby," Jammy Jams premieres soothing renditions of megahits by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pink, Flo Rida, and Fun. These lullabies provide calming, tender music to baby while providing entertainment to the parents who will think it's Fun. to hear divine instrumental versions of smash hits like, "Last Friday Night" or "Whistle".


'90s Alternative Goes Lullaby

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On "Lullabylooza: '90s Alternative Goes Lullaby," Jammy Jams stage dives into the world of '90s grunge and alternative music. Lullabylooza takes that dirty, crunchy sound and transforms it into soothing, relaxing lullabies to help you and your little one drift off to la la land. From heavy hitters like Soundgarden, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots to the more melodic side of alternative like Oasis and The Cure... Jammy Jams covers it all! When baby is restless in the middle of the night and those minutes seem to Creep by, make things Easy, and soothe your baby to sleep with the sounds of Jammy Jams.


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